life’s motive

Long ago there lives a man who was most intelligent among all the villagers. He also led the local administration of village as a head. He was a very valued person as every one used to give him a lot of respect. Many people come to him for his wise and useful suggestion. He has … Read morelife’s motive

Beautiful statue

There was one very beautiful city. In that city, a marvelous museum was built. In the museum all the floors were decorated with marble tiles. A beautiful masterpiece, a statue was also placed in the center of the main hall for display. Everyday numerous people from around the globe visit the museum. Entering the museum … Read moreBeautiful statue

Warmth of togetherness

It was winter season and one of the coldest winters.  In the forest many animals were dying because they couldn’t withstand the cold. There was a group of porcupines. In this cold weather they were failing to keep up their lives. Realizing the problem, the group decided to stay close so that they can keep … Read moreWarmth of togetherness

Absurd Goals

There was a dog owned by the farmer. The dog always used to wait for the running vehicles by the road side. Whenever the vehicle approaches, he chases the vehicles running down the road like competing to pass the vehicle. All of these dogs behavior was watching by the farmer’s neighbor. The neighbor comes to … Read moreAbsurd Goals

Baby Jack Rabbit

Long ago in the warm spring morning, Mother Jack rabbit was doing her job silently under the big bush. She was scrapping out some soil in smooth and dry area with her paws. She then covered that spot with her own fur to make a comfy bed. The comfy bed was under the big bush … Read moreBaby Jack Rabbit


Long before, a woman used to live in a cottage. She was very soft hearted. She used to spend her day gardening flowers and singing to the birds. She used to enjoy the wonderful change in colors in the sky and humming of the bees around the flowers all day long. She has only wish … Read moreThumbelina

Strength in unity

Long ago there lived four cows in the grassland. All of them were very good friends. They used to do everything together. They go for grazing together, they slept together and they roam together. As they say together all the time no tigers had courage to hunt them down. Unfortunately one day all four cows … Read moreStrength in unity

A glass of milk

Long ago, there’s happens to be a boy. Every day, he used to go to the school.  One day he was very hungry while returning home.  Further continuing to walk he became hungrier. When he reached home, he found no one and also noting to eat as his mother has gone for work. Then he thought … Read moreA glass of milk