Good deeds are blessings

One fine day, there was an ant in the forest. Meanwhile he was very thirsty and wondering here and there for water. After sometime, he found water in the nearby lake. He desperately trying to reach the water but was failing repeatedly. There were grasses around the lake. He went to one of the long grass reaching to lake but unfortunately he slipped and fell into the water.

A pigeon sitting in tree watching a lake notices that the ant was not being able to drink water. Pigeon thought to help that ant and quickly she picked a leaf and threw it in the lake around the ant. Then the ant quenched his thirst and thanked the pigeon.

Another day pigeon was flying over the lake. Unaware of the huntsman who was aiming at the pigeon, she was enjoying her time. Hunts man was ready with his gun to shot the pigeon. At the mean time ant saw that his friend was in danger. Ant rushed to the huntsman, climbed his leg and bit him.  The gunshot missed the pigeon. Pigeon notices the danger and flew away.

Doing good always have positive impact on others and they will return the same. Hence good deeds are blessings.