Having Problem of Proper Punctuations in Photoshop?

This problem occurs only in certain version of Photoshop. While adding the punctuation such as full stop, comma or question mark the punctuation comes at the beginning of the sentences. This looks like this FIX IT!! This problem has a simple fix 1) After selecting Text tool Click on toggle the character option on the … Read moreHaving Problem of Proper Punctuations in Photoshop?

JQuery Code to add class in the first class div (Bootstrap Carousel)

If you have a bootstrap carousel for my post display( code is below ). And If you want to put in the loop to the posts, there comes problem of first child active. This carousel will be displayed only after the first child has class active. You cannot make all the inner item active and … Read moreJQuery Code to add class in the first class div (Bootstrap Carousel)

ERROR: Invalid default value for ‘created_at’ [solution]

I got a problem while adding a new column in the database as well as editing the column. The error says invalid default value for ‘created_at’ So I tried to do run this code in this code in the SQL. SET sql_mode = ”;   But It didnt work. So I tried the command allowing … Read moreERROR: Invalid default value for ‘created_at’ [solution]

How to solve Invalid default value for ‘created_at’ while adding new column in database.

[Problem:] While adding new column to the table by alter method, I used this sql code   ALTER TABLE investments ADD bank TEXT; ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default value for ‘created_at’   But An eeror came thought I tried various data type ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default value for ‘created_at’   [solution] The problem in my database is current mode is in the sql_mode   SO, in the sql I typed and hit the commend set global sql_mode = ‘ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY,STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION’;     and it solved the problem.