How to recover shift+deleted files and folders in windows?

I accidentally deleted a folder in a desktop which I came to know was very useful to me. I searched in recycle Bin but could not find and I came to know the solution for the problem that I want to share now.

1. First all open command prompt and write this line

vssadmin List Shadows

Hit enter. This will give the list of shadows with the previous date.

2. Check the date and time where you can get the deleted file

3. Copy the Shadow Copy Volume
If you get problem with copying the file then right-click on the command prompt and click mark
after that drag and seletc the the content of Shadow Copy Volume:
right click for copying


right click and  click mark

Select all the code of Shadow copy service

3. Now in new line of command prompt type
mklink /d c:\shadow [and right cleick and paste link]
backslash is a must
please see in image for reference

enter mklink /d c:\shadow and right click and paste and put a backslash(\) and hit enter

4. Now a new file is created in c: drive. go to the file and you will get desktop inside users your user name and desktop. The path is as follow


5. Now you can copy and paste the deleted file and store safely