Strength in unity

Long ago there lived four cows in the grassland. All of them were very good friends. They used to do everything together. They go for grazing together, they slept together and they roam together. As they say together all the time no tigers had courage to hunt them down. Unfortunately one day all four cows … Read moreStrength in unity

A glass of milk

Long ago, there’s happens to be a boy. Every day, he used to go to the school.  One day he was very hungry while returning home.  Further continuing to walk he became hungrier. When he reached home, he found no one and also noting to eat as his mother has gone for work. Then he thought … Read moreA glass of milk

Greedy Cat

There was a clever cat. One day he met with a mouse and told her that he loves her so much and they could be great friends. At last the cat convinced the mouse and makes her agreed to say together in the house. Further the cat told a mouse that they should start to … Read moreGreedy Cat

The Forest Elf

In the past, there was a little village in the middle of the forest. The men of this town would hack down trees in the woods and sell them to keep food on the table. One of these men was the village’s most trustworthy woodcutter. He would never tell a falsehood or look at someone … Read moreThe Forest Elf

Tree shade

Long ago, two young business men were visiting to nearby nations to trade their materials. The day had scorching sun and they had to walk long in the heated weather. After a while those two businessmen were unable to walk any further as they feel exhausted by the sun. After a while they encounter a … Read moreTree shade