Tree shade

Long ago, two young business men were visiting to nearby nations to trade their materials. The day had scorching sun and they had to walk long in the heated weather. After a while those two businessmen were unable to walk any further as they feel exhausted by the sun. After a while they encounter a large plane tree as they walk their path. So, as exhausted they were they decided to have some rest under the tree.

One of the businessmen while observing the tree’s branches and leaves said-“this tree seem to be of no use neither it bears fruits nor can be used as a timber”.

Listening to the words of the business man tree answered-“how can you be so thoughtless? You are now resting under my shade because you couldn’t bear to walk on the scorching sun. Rather being thankful for the shade I provide you to rest, you are judging me. You should always be grateful for the services that others provide you.”