Good or bad habits

There was a very rich man. The rich man used to do business. Everything was going great in his life except one thing. He was badly worried that his son is showing really bad habits. One day he thought of taking advice with the wise old man.

The business man took his son to the wise old man. Then the old man and his son went out for a walk. They were walking in between the woods. The wise old man directed him towards the small sapling and told him to pull it out. As it was small and delicate he did it easily and they kept on walking.

After a while the wise old man told the boy to pull out the small plant and the boy did it with a bit of more effort than before. Again they kept on walking until they reached the bush and the old man let the boy to pull out the bush too.

Moving forward, the old man told the boy to pull out small tree.  The boy tried to pull out the small tree with more strength. Lastly, the old man showing the big tree to boy said ton pull it out too.

The boy tried many times with lot of efforts but can’t pull it out.  The wise old man glanced at the boy and told him that-“it is same with the good and the bad habits. The more it’s get rooted within us it’s harder to get rid of it.