Greedy Cat

There was a clever cat. One day he met with a mouse and told her that he loves her so much and they could be great friends. At last the cat convinced the mouse and makes her agreed to say together in the house. Further the cat told a mouse that they should start to collect the food for winter otherwise they may suffer from hunger. Cat said to mouse-“you are very small and roaming around for food can get you caught in mouse trap”.

Mouse thought that cat has given her a good advice and do as such. They bought a pot of butter and wondering to keep it safe. After thinking a lot they decided to keep it under alter in the church and may not touch till they need it.

One day cat lied to mouse about having a cousin and cousin gave birth to the little one so he needs to go there. The only intension behind it was to steal the butter from the pot that they have hid in the church. Cat told mouse to stay in the house to keep a watch and ask if she desires anything from outside. Mouse desired to have a drop of fine wine. Then the cat left.

He headed towards the church climbed towards the pot and licked it all over the surface of the pot. After he was full, he went up to the roof to rest and started licking his whiskers thinking of that pot and didn’t return hone till it was dark. Mouse seeing him home said-“you must have a great day. Did they name the baby?” ‘Yes! Baby was named “top- off”.

After some days again the cat was craving for the butter. He succeeds in laying the mouse once again. He lied to go to the cousin’s place and instead went to church crept to the pot and finished half the pot of butter. Mouse asked cat about the name of another child and cat replied “half –gone”.

Another day, while mouse was cleaning the house the greedy cat went to the church again and devoured all the remaining butter. The mouse certainly questioned the name of the third child and cat replied-‘all gone’.

After that day the cat didn’t went outside in the name of cousin. Now it’s the winter and they were lack of food. Mouse told cat to go eat the butter they have stored in the church. They reached the church and mouse sees the pot empty. Immediately mouse understands the trick cat have done and recalls all the name that cat has given to its fake cousin children.

Mouse regretted being friend with the cat and started to scold him but before the words came out of her mouth cat swallowed her too.