life’s motive

Long ago there lives a man who was most intelligent among all the villagers. He also led the local administration of village as a head. He was a very valued person as every one used to give him a lot of respect. Many people come to him for his wise and useful suggestion. He has a son. He can be described as lazy, no value for time, always sleeping and only wasting time with friends. His father always used to give him life suggestions but he won’t bother at all.

Time passes really fast. The intelligent man was getting older as the passing days. As he grew older, his son’s future made him worry a lot.  He then thought of the ways he could teach his son to live his life on his own. Very first hour in the morning he talked to his son that this is the time you should learn to become a responsible person and must understand the struggle and pain u need to go through. You need to know what the purpose of life holds. That way you can live your life to the fullest with happy moments.

He once gave his son a backpack containing four different types of clothing—one for each season. Then his father replied, “Take this bag. There were some uncooked grains and some cash. Go on a treasure quest as well. The draft of a treasure map is provided; your job is to find the treasure. This was intriguing to his son. He left for a treasure hunt the following morning since he was so eager.

Several days has passed, then weeks and months. During the travel he met with lots of people. Some helped them with foods and some with shelter. He did meet with some jerks that tried to rob him. As he moved forward, he experienced a change in landscapes. Change in weathers. In hard days he stopped for a day or two. And when weather is cleared he stated his journey again.

Eventually after a year he reached his destination. That was a cliff it was shown in the map that near the tree the treasure was located. He stared digging under and around the tree. He kept digging for couple of days. By the time he was so tired that he couldn’t continue it further. And he left.

He returned to his house after being let down by his father’s deception. He saw the same varying vistas and seasons on his trip home. This time, though, he stopped to take in the springtime budding flowers and the monsoon season’s twirling birds. He only stayed in certain spots to enjoy the warm evenings or the sun setting in paradise.

He learned to prepare himself food, stitch his clothes overall a basic life skill he had learned. He ran into the same folks who had earlier assisted him. This time, in an effort to repay them, he spent a few days with them and assisted them in various ways. He was struck by their generosity for a common bystander who had nothing to offer them in return.

It dawned on him when he got home that it had been two years since he had last been there. He entered his father’s room without stopping. “Father,” he said.

The father leapt to his feet and embraced his son at once.

So, my son, how was your journey? Did you discover the treasure? He enquired.

“Dad, the trip was fascinating. But please pardon me because I was unable to locate the treasure. Perhaps someone took it before I got there. What he just said caught him off guard. His father didn’t make him angry. He was pleading for mercy instead.

Father told his son that there wasn’t any treasure and asked-“did you enjoy your travel?”

Father, of course not! There was no time. I was concerned that somebody would discover the wealth before me. I was eager to get to the cliff. However, I did enjoy the trip back home, he added. I met a lot of people and had daily wonders. I acquired a wide variety of abilities, including the art of surviving. I learned so much that I was able to forget the hurt of not finding the treasure.

He heard his father say, “Exactly, my son. I want you to have a purpose in life. However, if you remain overly committed to the objective, you risk missing out on the true joys of life. The truth is that life’s only purpose is for us to just experience it and learn from it every day.

Moral: We discover the richness of pure delight in each moment when we embark on life without attempting to ascribe any meaning or higher purpose to it.