Beautiful statue

There was one very beautiful city. In that city, a marvelous museum was built. In the museum all the floors were decorated with marble tiles. A beautiful masterpiece, a statue was also placed in the center of the main hall for display. Everyday numerous people from around the globe visit the museum. Entering the museum everyone sees the displayed statue in the museum and every one adores it.

One day, the tile marble started talking to the statue marble.

Tile marble said-“it is so unfair. We both are made from marble. However you as a statue are adored by everyone who visit the museum and step on me like I am of no value”.

Statue marble the replies-“see my friend we are actually the same material. I don’t think you should be bothered by what people feel.”

Tile marble said- “I know but that’s what bothered me. Why so different treatment though we are same material”.

Statue marble then said-“absolutely my friend. I hope you remember the day the sculptor wanted to gave you a shape but u resisted his tools”.

Tile marble: I do remember the pain he tried to give me.

Statue marble said-“as you resisted his tool he couldn’t give you any shape. Then he gave up on you and picked me.  I accepted all the painful work he has done on me as I knew I would be something good and different among all the marbles. I let him use all the tools he had to craft me well.

Tile marble sat quietly and listened carefully to the statue marble.

Tile marble then replied-“how could you take it? It was very painful.

Statue marble said-“that is life. To become a diamond a coal has to go under a lot of pressure. Nothing is free you have to pay price for everything.