Warmth of togetherness

It was winter season and one of the coldest winters.  In the forest many animals were dying because they couldn’t withstand the cold. There was a group of porcupines. In this cold weather they were failing to keep up their lives. Realizing the problem, the group decided to stay close so that they can keep themselves warm in this cold weather. At the first it was quite nice to stay warm but their quills are hurting each other. As many of them were getting wounded they started staying apart from each other. Due to shivering cold they started to die.

As of the condition staying close they would get wounded and staying apart they die. They choose to stay close as companions bearing the wound. They accepted some wounds caused by their closed ones. They believed that some of the wounds caused by their closed ones while staying together to receive warmth of their togetherness is so much better than to die alone.