No person can live in this world without doing work. Everybody has some task to do. Some people do their work themselves. They do not depend upon others. Some persons do not do their work themselves. They want to get their work done by others. Those who do their work themselves are said to be self-reliant. Self-help is the habit of doing work without taking the help of others.

Self-help gives us strength. It makes us active and diligent. We work hard to achieve success. We do not waste time. We work harder and harder. We do not give up our effort even if we fail. We try again till we achieve success. The habit of self-help gives us strength day by day. We acquire the power of doing difficult tasks. We are not afraid of failures and difficulties. We learn to persevere and perspire.

Self-reliant persons are bold and strong. Those who depend upon others are weak and timid. Such persons cannot accomplish even small tasks. They think they have little strength to work. They have no self-confidence. They never exert themselves to any task. They always look to others for help. Others may not work for them or may work half-heartedly. Their work is not done well. They often come to grief and disappointment.

Those who depend upon others have their work done at great cost. They have to reward those who work for them. They cannot wholly enjoy the fruit of their work. They have to share the fruit with others. Such persons cannot achieve great success in life. Those who want to be successful in life must learn to work themselves. All great men have been self-reliant. They worked night and day, while others slept. Self-reliant persons acquire the qualities of leadership. They can lead themselves as well as others.

The story of Hercules and the Carter is a good illustration of the power of self-help. A carter had the wheels of his cart stuck in mud. He did not push the cart but prayed to the mud. He did not push the cart but prayed to the god Hercules for help. Hercules came and told him to put his shoulders to the wheel. The carter did so, and the wheels came out of the mud.

We should learn to be self-reliant. We should do our work little by little. The habit of self-help must be taught at an early age. Parents and teachers should be self-reliant. They should teach children this lesson. Self-help is very important for students. Some students do not do their lessons. They have their lessons done by others, of the copy from others. Such students cannot be successful. If they want to succeed, they should stand on their own legs.



  1. What is self-help?
  2. How do self-reliant persons work?
  3. Are they successful in life?
  4. Are great men self-reliant?
  5. DO dependent persons work hard?
  6. Are they happy in life?
  7. Give an illustratration of the power of self-help?
  1. Is self-help important for children?
  2. Can we do without the help of others in all cases?