Every being has a story

In a while a very young man likely to be in his twenties was looking out of the train’s window.  He suddenly calls his father and asked his father to look outside as well. That boy surprisingly told his father to look at the trees that were going behind has the train move forward.

Young man’s father smiled at him and at the man and other couple sitting in the next seat. The other couple gave a pity look towards the childish behavior by the young man.

Abruptly the young man again called his father to look above in the sky. As the clouds were running with them as they move.

The other couple sitting next to them couldn’t bear his childish behavior and told his father to take him to the good doctor.

The father then explained them-“we just returned from the hospital. My son was blind by birth. He is seeing the world for the very first time.

Listing to these words the couple went on awkward silence and regretted to judge very quickly.

In this world, every being have their life stories.  Nobody has right to judge others and look down upon them.