What is WordPress Unique Authentication Keys and Salt

Unique WordPress authentication keys and salts ensure the extra security layer to your cookies and password. It is also known as WordPress security keys. It ensures better encryption of information stored in cookies used during log in to a wordPress site or blog.

As most of the web application WordPress also creates number of cookies on your computer. The two cookies created are

1) wordpress_[hash]

2) wordpress_logged_in_[hash]

the first cookie is used in admin pages whereas the second cookie is used throughout the site to determine if you are logged in to WordPress or not. Hash is a random value which cannot be decrypted. Bot nowadays these hashed cookies are compromised. Due to this reason Worpress security and salts are necessary to ensure the extra security.

wordpress security keys are made up of 4 authentication keys and 4 hasing salts. salts are the randam data that can be used together to give extra security layers to cookies and passowrd. Thes security keya are set in wp-config.php.

In wp-config.php you may find these line of code. Where you need to generate and put your unique phrase. Figure is given below.

the screenshot below is of configured wordPress security keys.

How to Configure WordPress Unique Authentication Keys and Salt ?

1) Access your wp-config.php page and open the file in edit mode.

2) Search for Authentication Unique keys and salt. In some case you may not find the codes too. you can apend the code.

3) Go to WordPress Secret Key Generator site [https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/salt/]

5) Copy all the secret key and replace it with the “put your unique phrase here” of your wp-config.php file or you can copy everything form the secret key generator site and paste/rplace in wp-config.php.

6) Save the wp-config.php file