Baby Jack Rabbit

Long ago in the warm spring morning, Mother Jack rabbit was doing her job silently under the big bush. She was scrapping out some soil in smooth and dry area with her paws. She then covered that spot with her own fur to make a comfy bed. The comfy bed was under the big bush to hide from her enemies so that she can gave birth to her babies.

After a day, mother Jack rabbit gave birth to three small Jack rabbits. Among them two were girl and one was a boy. The boy rabbit was named Baby Jack. He has bright eyes, silky brown fur and constantly twitching nose. While he hops around the dessert his long ear bounces up and down.

Jackrabbits’ ears are generally longer than its body. Those long ears help them to stay cool in the scorching sun. In such young age Baby Jack was very eager to explore the world. He experiences many interesting sounds such as barking of prairie dog, shhh of the wind and songs of the meadowlark. As he sniffs the air, he enjoys smelling the sagebrush and the sweet cactus flowers.

On hot days and when eagles and ravenous coyotes come to hunt, he stays in his bed beneath the bush. He was so cunning that any animal who came across him would flee in an instant. In the desert, it is often sunny, dry, and bright every day. Baby Jack, though, is observing the gloomy clouds forming in the sky this afternoon. The day becomes dimmer and colder. Baby Jack then detects raindrops falling from above. Rain is falling.

In the parched desert, rainy days are uncommon. Baby Jack had never experienced rain. When the thunder rumbles and the lightning crackles across the sky, he shelters behind a rock. The desert’s appearance is altered by the rain. All of the plants bloom as a result. The desert, which was once dry and brown, is now teeming with a wide variety of vibrant flowers. Baby Jack wanders the desert and discovers things for the first time. He is astounded to see such a variety of lovely hues, including green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. When Baby Jack looks at the lovely flowers, he notices that there are delicious foods everywhere! He searches in vain for his family. They will soon gorge themselves on all the flowers and plants. Each evening, as the dazzling sun begins to set, Baby Jack and his family go in quest of food. He eats grass as he hops from plant to plant. Baby Jack is taught to chew a hole in a cactus by Mother Jackrabbit. He consumes the moist interior while avoiding the sharp exterior spines.

All types of plant matter, including the inner bark of trees, are consumed by jackrabbits. Additionally, they primarily eat at night when it is cooler. Additionally, in the dark, the jackrabbits are harder for their foes to spot. Baby Jack and his mother continue their exploration after finishing their delicious cactus meal. Mother Jackrabbit can detect danger thanks to her keen sense of smell. She can sense an approaching coyote. Jack’s mother notices the coyote watching them from a nearby rock as Jack is playing in the dirt. Mother Jackrabbit is aware of the necessary action.

A booming “Thumpa, thumpa, thumpa” is heard by baby Jack. Mother Jackrabbit is striking the hard ground with one of her back paws. Mother Jackrabbit is attempting to warn the other jackrabbits and Baby Jack that danger is approaching. Baby Jack is aware of the meaning. He has to take cover. Jack the baby quickly dives under bushes.Baby Jack is going to wait here till the threat has passed. The coyote searches the bushes for the scent of the jackrabbit. When he is unable to locate any of the jackrabbits hiding, the coyote moves on. Jack the baby tenses his strong leg muscles. He then takes off with a whoosh. He sprints off to meet his family.