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Office Pacakage:

A collection of applications bundled together, intened to be used by workers in an organization to simplify tasks and process of office and increase productivity. It is alswo known as an office application suite or oppice productivity software.

Some common applications included in the office package are word Processor, Spreadsheet package, Presentation tool, and Database Management System.
For Example, MS office package includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Outlook, and others. It is the product of Microsoft Inc.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Word star
  • Word perfect
  • Corel
  • Lotus Note
  • Word pro
  • K Word
  • Abiword
  • PC-Write
  • Microsoft Writer
  • Lotus Notes


Advantages of using a word processor over a manual type writer

A document can be stored in a computer for future reference

Have special editing tools eg spelling and grammar checkers

One can easily insert or replace a word or phrase without affecting the neatness of a document

One can easily produce many copies using a printer without retyping


Word Processor

1) What is word processor?

Word processor is an application software that helps in the creation of a document. It facilitates the creation of document through computerized text editing, formatting, storing and printing. It allows the user to type text, make corrections without retyping the entire matter, and has the feature to make the text look attractive. It can enhance documents in many ways such as user can add image and animation, link different documents together, use of speller and thesaurus.


Explain The features of Word Processor: [5]

Features of Microsoft Word Processor:

Easy Typing:  You can type very easily using a word processor. Word processor provides you with many features to create a document so that you can type any type of document.

Editing text features: Any type of operations likewise insert, delete, modify the documents, and undo/redo, find/ replace can be performed very easily. These insertions, deletion or correction can be performed at any time in place of the text. These alterations can be made before and after typing the entire document. Similarly, move or copy a section or block of text or object form any location of the same document or another document to another location in the material of the document too.

Formatting features: the electronic typed text can appear or insert in any form or style like bold, italic, underline, different fonts, font size, color and paragraph formatting can be made.

Permanent storage: with the help of word processor, file and document can be save as long as preferred and saved file and documents can be retrieved whenever desired.

Multimedia/Graphics: it provides facilities to insert text, objects (picture, graph) anywhere in the document whenever necessary.

Multimedia is also a great feature of the word processor, using which you make your document more attractive.

Using multimedia features, you can insert multimedia in your document like – clip art, charts, images, pictures, video, etc.

Searching: it facilities to search for any word or text and replace or delete with other necessary ones in the entire material of the document very easily.

Print design: it provides a print preview, printing area (four sides), no of copies, paper size before print to view the document exactly as per the convenience or not.

Mail merge (IMP):

Mail merge is one of the most useful feature of MS Word. As the name suggests, it merges two documents into a single unit ie. Mail/document from MS word and recipients list (may be from excel worksheet/ MS access databse table) Mail merge can be used in mny situations such as print individual marksheet from the result sheet of Excel, prepare and send invitation card to many persons in an event etc.

it is an option used to merge a list of information such as names, addresses, e-mail, phone numbers (data source) with the main document. The main document contains original text (merge fields) with data area at appropriate places to produce a number of copies of the merged document while defined the merging task. The main document is created using the mail merge helper dialogue box.


What are the popular word processing Pacakges?

Some Popular Word Processing Packages:

  1. Microsoft word
  2. Microsoft Writer
  3. Word Star
  4. Kingsoft Writer
  5. Lotus Word Pro
  6. Word Perfect
  7. Professional Writer
  8. Apache Open Office Writer
  9. Lotus Notes


What is formatting text and formatting Paragraph

Formatting characters/text

Formatting the characters and paragraphs in a good format as desired by the user, is one of the very essential part of the good document. So, to make the document more attractive, clear and comprehensive, you have to format its charatter and paragraphs  very well.

Formatting characters includes specyfiyng font name, font size, font color , font style, character spacing etc in the document


Text Formatting Features

  • Changing font type, size style
  • Changing font colour
  • Underlining – Placing a line at the bottom of a text
  • Bolding – Making the text appear more darker than the rest
  • Italicizing –making the text slant forward
  • Superscript and subscript
  • Strikethrough

Formatting Paragraph includes specifying indent and spacing, alighnment, line spacing in a paragraph, space before and after a certain paragraph etc.



What is spreadsheet? Write use of spreadsheet. [2+3]


Spreadsheet is such program that organizes data into rows and columns and allows user to perform calculation on it and express the result in report. It is also used to generate bar graphs and pie chart to show the report more vividly.

There are various spread sheet software such as MS Excel, Apple Numbers, Lotus-1-2-3, Calc, Gnumeric etc. MS excel is one of the most popular spread Sheet software. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation of USA and MS Excel is a component ofMS-Office Package.

Here’s a closer look at some of these common ways spreadsheets are used.


  1. Organize and manipulate data

Spreadsheets are a useful tool for organizing and manipulating data. You can input data into the cells, rows, and columns of a spreadsheet, and then use the grid structure to organize the data in a way that makes it easy to understand and analyze. For example, you can use a spreadsheet to input a list of numbers and then use the columns and rows to organize the data by category or by date. This can make it easier to understand and analyze the data.


  1. Perform calculations on data

Another key use of spreadsheets is for performing calculations on data. You can use functions and formulas in a spreadsheet to perform calculations on the data, such as adding up numbers, finding the average, or performing other types of calculations. This can help you to identify trends and patterns in the data, which can be useful for making decisions or presenting the data in a clear and organized way.


  1. Create Graphs And Charts

Spreadsheets also allow you to create visual representations of your data, such as bar charts, line graphs, and pie charts. This can make it easier to understand and present the data, as the visual representations can help to highlight trends and patterns in the data.


  1. Store data in a structured format

Spreadsheets are also a great tool for organizing and storing data in a way that makes it easy to access and understand. When you enter data into a spreadsheet, you can organize it into rows and columns, with each row representing a single record and each column representing a specific piece of information within that record. This structure makes it easy to quickly find and access the data you need, and it also allows you to sort and filter the data based on different criteria which is a great way to keep your data organized and easily accessible.



  1. Automate Tasks

Finally, you can use a spreadsheet to automate repetitive tasks, such as generating reports or performing calculations. This can save you time and make it easier to get things done. For example, if you have a large amount of data that needs to be analyzed, you can use a spreadsheet to automate the process of performing calculations on the data and generating reports. This can save you time and make it easier to work with the data.



1) What are the features of spreadsheet? Explain
Spreadsheet software is used to store, organize and analyze data. Most of the time, the data that is entered is numerical, though spreadsheets can also store addresses and contact information.
Spreadsheets automatically calculate data based on the formulas or functions you create and modify for them.
Microsoft Excel,  Google Sheets,  Airtable, Apache OpenOffice, Handsontable, Sheetgo,  Smartsheet, Zoho Sheet are the example of spreadsheet software.


What are major features in spreadsheet application package?  OR List any five features of spread sheet. [5]

Most people associate spreadsheets with data entry and simple calculations. Modern spreadsheet software, however, is more than just a financial tool. These applications provide a powerful means of collecting, organising, and analysing critical business data. While each product is unique, most include the following features as standard:


  1. Formatting: The cells which one selects can be formatted to represent different numeric values in the spreadsheet. For instance, it is beneficial for financial data and accounting purposes. It will place decimals and commas to indicate dollars and cents. There is the scope of expansion, merger, insertion and deletion when using long texts and equations.
  2. Formulas: Spreadsheets contain procedures because they exhibit relationships of two or multiple cells. Users can use them to emphasise cells that are required to add up and enter a sum function.
  3. Pivot tables:These tables identify, group, aggregate, count, average or sort data through the toolbar. It enables the conversion of rows into columns and vice-versa. Different tools and functions vary according to the application the user prefers for use.
  4. Rows and Columns 

Through a spreadsheet’s grid system of rows and columns, all of your information

is neatly organized in one easy-to-read space.


5.      Data filtering and visualization 

To organise the information in your spreadsheet, you can use tables, dropdown lists, filters, and other tools. Most spreadsheet software also includes built-in tools for visually displaying your data, such as bar charts, graphs, and pie charts in a variety of styles and colours.

6.      Custom Formatting 

You can apply different formatting to separate information, create headers, merge cells into larger boxes, and otherwise customise the look and feel of your spreadsheet with a few simple clicks. You can also use conditional formatting to change the colour or text style of a cell based on whether or not certain information is present. Instead of combing through each individual cell to find what you need, this can help you keep track of specific information at a glance.

7.      Project Management 

If you use a cloud-based tool, spreadsheet software can be used as a centralised location for employees to collaborate on projects and track progress. Spreadsheets can be configured to visually represent project statuses and who is working on which tasks by using conditional formatting and data validation lists.


What is spreadsheet software? (Solved) Define the term cell and cell address in spreadsheet. [2+3]


Cell: A cell is the storage unit in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Cells are the boxes in a spreadsheet that may contain data. The cells in a spreadsheet are organized within a column and row in the worksheet, and can be formatted. Simply cell is an intersaction of rows and column.


Cell Address:

Cell address, simply, is used to mention the address of a cell in a worksheet in Excel. The Cell Address consists of a column letter and a row number.

For instance, A10 is a Cell Address of a cell that is located in column A and the 10th row of an Excel sheet; D5 is another cell with the Cell Address of column D and the 5th row, and so on.


Cell referencing is a system that identifies data and gives it an address so that data can be located in a spreadsheet. A cell reference is used in spreadsheets to identify individual cells and is a combination of the column letter and row number where it is located. To write a cell reference, start with the column letter and end with the row number, such as A14 or BB329.

There are 3 Type of Cell reference

1)Relative 2)absolute 3)mixed)


Worksheet: A worksheet is a handy tool that helps you organize, store, and manipulate data in a tabular format. It’s a great way to analyze large amounts of information, track progress, and make informed decisions. The purpose of a worksheet in Excel is to organize and manage data in a structured way. You can enter data, such as numbers or text, into cells in the worksheet, and use formulas to perform calculations on that data.



A workbook is an MS Excel file that contains one or more worksheets. It is a group of many worksheets that may be treated as book pages. In a workbook, we can store so many records or organize data.



Presentation Software

A presentation program is a software package used to display information in the form of a slide show. It has three major functions: an editor that allows text to be inserted and formatted, a method for inserting and manipulating graphics images, and a slide-show system to display the content.

Features of a presentation software are:

  1. Presentation gives detail overview of the topic.
  2. Audio-video can be merged on the single slide to clarify on specific topic.\
  3. It is easy to build from simple to interactive presentation.
  4. It provides wide range of design, animation and other build in tools for easiness.
  5. Presentation software provides 2D and 3D text editing, and displaying facilities.
  6. Presentation software can be converted to movie file, so that it can be used as title and names displayer from the beginning or at last of the movies.


Some of the popular Presentation software are as follows:

Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slide (online-based), Prezi, Zoho Show, Gnome Pinpoint (open source), Kingsoft presentation, Libre Office Impress (open source), Impress (open source)


Important Question Collection

What is presentation software? Explain animation.

What is mail merge? Write advantages of mail merge.

What are the feature of word processing software? List out word processing software. [4+1]

What is mail merge? Describe its major uses.

What do you understand by formatting a document? Give significance of speller and thesaurus of modern processing package.

What is document formatting in MS word? Explain.

What is word processer? What do you mena by paragraph formatting? Explain. [2+3]

Explain the following term. A) Cut and paste    B)Text justification.



Define the term worksheet, workbook, sorting and formula in spread sheet. [5]

Describe: cell, cell reference, worksheet, work book.

Write Advantages of spreadsheet.


Describe 5 features of Presentation software.

What is transition of presentation? What are its types?

Write short notes on.

  1. Slide transition
  2. Presentation software
  3. Word processor


What is MS-Access? What are the basic component of micro soft Access? List out.