YouTube homepage and payments account

Google’s Announcement regarding YouTube homepage and payments account. Here’s what announcement says.

Recently Google AdSense has made an announcement. Starting from March 2022 YouTube earnings will have a separate homepage. Previously all the earnings (earning from YouTube, blog, Google apps) used to sum up in every month (12th or 13th of every month). Now YouTube only has to cross threshold of $100 to get the payment.

Leaving YouTube payment earnings from other platforms will be separated from YouTube Earning. And this will not be added in YouTube earnings and have separate threshold.


Who will be affected?

Small Creators used to meet the threshold adding all earning from different platform previously. With implementation of this rule, small creators might get late payment due to threshold problem.


When will it be implemented?

Google has announced the action will begin gradually from March 2022. At first new homepage will be accessible to only small number of creators while it is being rolled out in the year 2022. Creators still can view in AdSense Account of old format until roll out completes.


Where Can YouTube Creator View Payment Once Rolled out fully?

Once rolled out fully, creators can access new AdSense for YouTube by navigation to AdSense within YouTube Studio. It will also be accessed from left-hand menu in AdSense.


Do I need to make other email address for this?

No action is needed by the creators. Hence, Creators need not create new gmail account to access new homepage for AdSense for YouTube.