3 Best Tools

3 Best Tools To Work Smartly, And Manage Your Day

Today I am discussing the Three best tools that I have been using for ages. These tools have made my life easier. You can also manage and organize your work, make your day more efficient with these tools.

 1) Grammarly

This tool is used to check the spelling of your content and also used to check the grammar of your sentence pattern. You can also get these features in Microsoft word. But as compared to Microsoft word, this tool is best to check spelling and grammar of your content. You can gain a higher level of experience in Grammarly.

If you are working on English content for your blog or project, you can take the help of Grammarly to make sure your grammar language is standard, your sentences are grammatically correct and spellings of your content are correct.

Grammarly is available on mobile too. For downloading Grammarly on your computer you can click this link.

You have to sign up for an account first. This is free software. However, you can get paid software too for better and advanced features. You can also install the Grammarly plugin in your chrome browser.

2) Canva

Canva is a designing tool. If you are poor at making YouTube thumbnails, or if you want to make designs for posts for Facebook you can use these free tools. Photoshop or graphic designing knowledge is not needed to use this tool. You can easily search the category of your design. You will get tons of templates (design). You can very easily edit the content of the design.

In addition to the template’s design, you can also add more logos, photos, and designs. After completion of your design, you can download the design in the jpg version. There are free plans and pro plans. As a beginner, I suggest you use free plans. If you need professional design or if you want advanced features of canva, you can easily purchase the pro version.


3) Microsoft To Do

This is a handy tool provided by Microsoft incorporation. Microsoft To-Do helps you to manage your tasks. You can download this app from the Microsoft Store of its website. You can also synchronize the work from your laptop/desktop and mobile. This software helps you to plan your day smartly. This software also helps you to share your To Do list with your family and colleagues. This helps to organize your day.


There are various other tools that I have not discussed in this blog. Please comment and let me know the other tools that you are using in your daily life to make your task simpler.