Foolish Monkey

Once there was a capable king ruling his country. He was very kind, nature lover and loves animals. He has got a monkey as a pet. The monkey was given unconditional love, care and freedom. He roams as he wishes in the palace but the monkey was a fool.

He could freely entre to the kings own room whereas servants were not allowed. The monkey was living happily in the palace will all the love care and freedom.

One day at the noon, king was sleeping peacefully in his one of the room and his pet monkey was keeping eye on him.  Surprisingly there came a fly and started hovering around in the room and landed on the king’s chest. Then the monkey tired to chase it away, however the fly goes away for some time and again returned back to sit on the king’s chest.

The monkey lost its temper and got intimidated with the fly landing on the king’s chest. The monkey was so foolish that it started to chase the fly with the sharp knife.

The foolish monkey kept chasing the fly here and there. At last it again landed on the king’s chest. The monkey with all its anger and its power tried to stab the fly on the king’s chest. The fly flew away and instead the king got badly injured and died indeed.

This story teaches us that it is more dangerous to have a foolish friend than to have an enemy.