Anger Control

Once upon a time there was a boy who couldn’t control his anger. Every time he became angry he couldn’t control his hurtful words to say to people and eventually people get hurt. His father became conscious about his anger issues and thought of making him control his anger. One day he gave him a packet of nails and hammer along with it. He said-“whenever you get angry, hammer a nail in the wooden fence in the backyard”.

For the several days the boy hammered too many nails in the fence that half of the packet of nails has emptied. Slowly as the weeks passes he has reduced to hammer the nails in the fence, as his anger eventually getting in control. After all passing these days he didn’t lost his temper so his father told him to remove one nail each day for controlling to not getting angry.

One day his father was pleased to see him removing a last nail on the fence. His father was very happy and said-“you did well my son. But can you see the nail holes in the fence? The holes will remain as it is even if you repainted”. Hence talking rudely to people in anger leaves scars in their mind and heart as the fence had holes after you hammered the nails.

We can learn from this story that anger is the heinous thing and can ruin people’s relationships. It is more like a cut of knife. The wound may heal but the scars remains.