Everyone’s happiness is not our concern

In a village, a man and his son resided. They have a donkey for their working convenience. One bright day, father and son rode their donkey to the market. To get to the market, they must travel through the forest. While passing through the woods, they met a couple.

Husband notices neither father nor son is riding the donkey and asked- “you have a donkey and you are not riding it why?”

Father and his son thought about it and seemed true to them. Then son rode the donkey. Sometime later, they passed by a man. The man addressed- how can a son ride a donkey while his father is walking”. Then the boy had to get down the donkey and let his father rode it.

They kept on walking and after a while they pass by a woman. She said, “What a unloving father. He should have let his son rode the donkey”. After listening to this woman both of them sat on the donkey and kept going forward. After some time again, they came across another couple. Couple addressed, father and son have to be so cruel to ride a poor donkey and make him suffer. They will certainly kill it.

Now both father and son got down of the donkey after they heard another couple. Father and son feeling disgusted by all the comments they carried the donkey on their back. Noticing this, couple began to laugh at them. Donkey got restless with all these activities and ran from them.
Whatever we do, we cannot satisfy everyone and make everyone happy.