Selfish Bats

One day some misunderstanding took between birds and animals. And they started to fight. Every bird fought with all their power against the animals whereas the animals were also very strong to give them a tough fight.

There were bats wondering about the sides to take between animals and birds. As bats were capable of flying they thought to take sides of the birds. While bats don’t lay eggs they thought to take sides of the animals. Meanwhile they became so mean that they thought-“we can take the sides of those that seems to win the battle”. Therefore, we can wait to see who will win and take their sides instead.

During the fight, at some moment birds seemed to be winning.  Bats were watching the battle from far and thought it’s the time to take the sides of the birds. But in no time animals began to overpower the birds. Quickly the bats changed their sides to the animals as they were winning.

Spending a lot of time in fighting animals and birds came to their senses. They thought it’s no good to the both parties to keep on fighting so they came on the middle ground and made peace with each other. Mean while both birds and animals have sensed the unworthy mean behavior of the bats and they decided to neglect the bats. From that day till now Bats started to stay in holes and caves. They could come out only at night after the birds and animals have returned to their homes.