Window does not refresh while adding new categories and tags?

You might have experienced this while adding new category. When you ad category title and slug and description and submit the form by clicking “Add new Category” button. Screen freezes (doesn’t refresh). And same issue occurs while deleting the category and tags.
I have been struggling to this problem so long. I used to give project to my client along with this problem. But finally I found a solution. And the solution is very simple.


Just go to functions.php and remove the closing tag of php (?>) at the end of the file.


If you don’t have the file access and facing this problem then follow this process.

1. Appearance>Editor .

2. You will see functions.php at your right panel.

3. and delete ?> which is at the last of the page.

The final step is to hit “Update File”.

Now your problem must be solved. If you have more problem please feel free to comment. I’ll help you! good day 🙂