How to install CKEditor and upload image in CKEditor

The blog I write has a problem and solution. This is the problem I faced while working so it gives to the point solution. You may need it

Problem 1 (Installing CKEditor in Laravel)

While usingl laravel I got problem to install CKEditor. I downloaded and tried to link the js file but it didn’t work. So I got the solution.

Firs of all open command prompt in root folder of your project. I assumed you have already created the view file wher you want to use CKEditor.

1. Then Type
Composer require unisharp/laravel –ckeditor



2. The second step is only for below 5.5 laravel version. If you use 5.5+ version go to the third step

Go to config/app.php folder and paste this in Application Service Provider



3. The third step is to publish it in command prompt. Go back to the command prompt and type
php artisan vender:publish –tag=ckeditor


Now in view, in textarea give an id name (mine is editor)

<textarea class=”form-control” id=”editor” name=”summary-ckeditor”></textarea>


4. Then write this code below the textarea

<script src=”{{ URL::asset(‘ckeditor/ckeditor.js’) }}”></script>

<script type=”text/javascript”>



Now run the view. I suppose you have already created route for this. You will get this kind of editor.

The second problem I faced about the image in CKEditor will be discussed in the next blog.

Problem 2 (How To Uplad Image In Ckeditor By Using Laravel)