how to increase your programming skills

How do increase your programming Skill?

All the Programmers are not perfect. They might know various programming skills. But there is always room to improve. Learning is a continuous process and it never ends. I have brought some of the ways to improve your technical/ programming skill. Hope you find it helpful. Please share if you find these steps helpful.

read the technical books.

One of the best ways to improve your technical skill by reading books. Nowadays it’s better to buy books online because you can more easily find good books by their rating. Visit,, or any online books stores you want and search the books and particular topics you wish to learn. Check reviews and ratings.

Read online tutorials

The advantage of online tutorials or books is that they are accessible anytime anywhere and it’s completely free. The the disadvantage is that they are not professionally edited.

Subscribe to technical challenge on YouTube

Youtube is a huge collection of knowledge. The advantage of subscribing to the YouTube technical Channel is that you can easily get notified when the latest video is posted.

Join Class

Taking Classes on a new software programs (Programming) or hardware assembling is one of the best ways to increase your technical knowledge.
Physical class is interactive as well as you can gain better and depth knowledge about the particular technology that you are taking a class.

Learn Practically

Theoretical knowledge is useless unless you don’t start doing it. Learn to program and start using it in your daily programming life, practically. Programming is one of the best ways to increase your technical knowledge.