GETTER, social media platform and Donald Trumph

3 July, 2021
45th president of the Unidetd States of ameraica, Donanld trumph after getting band in twitter tried to came back to online via blog but ended with poor readership. Recently former spokesperson of Trumph Jason Miller who truned to tech start up came in to the media with announcement of his new app called “Gettr” and asked his former boss Donald trumph to join the new platform.
Json miller lunced a new social media network on thursday quietely named as GETTR.GETTR is financially supported by chinese billionaire. GETTR claimse to be cancel free, and creating true marketplace of idea. It also claims to be non biased to all the ideas.
In return Trumph remains silent about miller’s offer. According to Jennifer Jacobs, Senior White House reporter for Bloomerg News Trump isnt joining Miller’s new media platform, Gettr and neither have financial stake or participation rather he plans for different platfrom.
Getter came to live in Google App and Apple stores in mid june and was updated in June 30. It has been downloaded over one thousand times on both the platform.
this app is rated as “M” which means the app is recommended for the users above 17 years old.

At initial phase GETTR was displayed with hastags  “#trumph, #nra, #unrestrectedbioweapon and #virusorigin.