Earn Money From Instagram. 6 Best Method Explained

Nowadays Instagram has become one of the most popular and professional social media. Most of the mobile usuer has an Instagram. Instagram is used to share personal photographs as well as business activities. With the help of Instagram, many are growing business and many are getting employment opportunities. So It has become a popular social media and tool for many to reach to the people.

We can also earn money on Instagram in many ways. We just need to know about it properly. If you also use Instagram account and you have a very good fan following. Then you can earn a lot of money on Instagram.

So let us show you how to make money from Instagram:


There are many methods to earn money from Instagram, I will tell you about them one by one. If you use all these methods carefully then you can earn a lot of money from your Instagram account.

Some of the ways to make money from Instagram can be listed as following.

  1. Through Affiliate Marketing
  2. By Sponsor Post
  3. By promoting the product
  4. By Selling Your Products
  5. By promoting someone else’s Instagram account
  6. Selling the Instagram Account

1.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a business in which we give our followers a review about a product. And when our viewers want to buy that product, they give them an affiliate link. The best part of affiliation is you should not have your own goods. You can sell goods of other by giving affiliation link. When a visitor visits the link through your affiliation link and buys some products, you will be rewarded with commission. This commission depends on the category of the product. We can take affiliate commission for any product ranging from 3% to 25% (percent).

If you have huge number of fan followers you can earn a lot of money from this process from Instagram. If you have about 10,000 active followers. So you can earn from $200 to Rs $400 in one month.


2. By Sponsor Post

If your followers on your instagram post show very good engagement like liking, commenting, sharing etc. then you will start getting sponsor ship from big companies.

Depending on your followers and user engagement, you can get around $ 200 to $2500 for publishing a post.

Big brands and company will contact you and ask you to share some photo or article or story on your account. In return, you will get a very good payment.


3. By promoting the product

Whenever the company launches any of its projects, it does marketing or promotion. This is an example of the ads you see in Television. Popular celebrities are seen on ads on television too.  Similarly, if you have a lot of followers, then you can also get a lot of money for promoting the product.


4. By Selling Products

Your followers try to follow you on Instagram account. If you wear a special T-Shirt, then your friends will also like to have it. You can sell your own products like clothes, courses, etc. to your followers with the help of Instagram account and you will get a lot of money in return. In this way you can promote your business and sell your products.


5. By promoting Other’s Instagram account

We need more followers to earn money from Instagram account. But it takes a long time for any new user to increase the followers on his account. If a popular person promotes your account, then your work becomes easy. Similarly, if you want to promote another person’s Instagram account, then you can earn a lot of money in return for that.


6. Selling the Instagram Account

It takes a lot of hard work to make Instagram account more popular. In such a situation, some people buy or sell a good channel to promote business. If you know how to increase followers on Instagram, then you can also grow and sell Instagram account and earn a lot of money from it.