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What is Font?

Font is digital form of text that can be typed in computer. Various software such as MS word, excel, Notepad needs fonts to write.


What is Nepali Font Collection?

This is the collection of all types of handwritings or fonts for Devanagari users. These fonts can be used by Hindi language users too. These fonts can be used in soft wares ilk MS office, Excel, Notepad to type in Nepali.


Who need these fonts?

Basic and genuine fonts can be used in official documents. Extraordinary Graphics Fonts can be used by Graphics designers, Video editors and Creative Use.

It can also be used in Flex printing and Book Cover Name design that uses Devanagari font.


What is Unicode?

Unicode are the font that can be used to read in Interned Browsers.


Fonts VS Unicode

Fonts are used in computer soft wares such as MS Word, Excel whereas Unicode are used in Internet Browsers

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