Differentiate between Peer-to-peer and Client-server Network Architecture. 

Differences between peer-to-peer and client-server network architecture are follows.

Peer-to-peerClient-server network
It is the simple connection of similar type of computers.This type of network contains two types of computer called a client and a server.
It doesn’t contain any dedicated server and client. Each computer an work as both client and server in different instances.It contains dedicated server and client. A server is a special computer that provides services to the client and client receives services form server.
It is appropriate for small organization with limited number of computersIt si appropriate for large organization with large number of computers.
It is easier and cheaper to establish and manage.It is complex and expensive to establish and manage.
Difficult to manage high security without dedicated server.Higher security can be maintained.
Administration of the network and computer will be difficult.Administration of network and computer is easier through a server.
Highly skilled manpower is not required to operate.Skilled manpower is required to operate.