Computer Tricks

7 Computer Tricks That You Might Not Have Known But You Must Know

Our Desktops and Laptops have various tricks that might be unknown to you. These tricks can make your life easy and simpler. Now in this article, we will teach you the 6 best tricks that can make your life easier and can perform your task smartly.

Do you know your desktop or laptop can type Emojis like your mobile? To type Emojis from your desktop or laptop you need to press windows and a full stop at the sometime Emojis keyboard will appear and you can add beautiful Emojis in your text.


1) Split Screen

Split screen is a popular feature in mobile. But You might be amazed that Windows computer has got this features for ages. You can split screen and  view your two applications as a same time. You just need to press window as well as left arrow at the same time. Now you are able to see two applications running at the same time in a single screen. You can also selection locations of your application by clicking window(w) +right arrow (➡) , window(w) + up arrow(⬆) or windows(w) + down arrow(⬇) for placing application in different locations.


2) Virtual Desktop

If you need more than one desktop to run in the same computer this trick is very useful.  To enable this feature you have to press Control+Windows(w) + D at the same time in your keyboard. This will open a new fresh desktop on the same computer that you are using. To change from one desktop to another you need to press Control + Window(w) + Left(⬅) or Control +Right(➡). And finally if you want to close one of the virtual desktop, You need to press windows(w) + Tab key at the same time and close the windows that you have finished working . By this process you can open as many virtual desktop as you want.


3) Finding Tabs

If you are surfing net you probably open many tabs. If you accidently close all the tabs of the browsers or if you close browsers all the tab might close. Now to get all the tabs again you need to open the browser and press Control + Shift + T , all your browsers tab will be loaded again. Similarly to switch to the first tab press Control + 1, To  switch to the second tab press Control + 2, and so on.


4) God Mode Trick

This is a simple trick to perform a huge number of task by a single trick. In this trick with a single click of your mouse you can perform various difficult tricks such as recovery, formatting, disk partition .

To do this trick make a new folder on your desktop and give name of the folder as GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and hit enter.  Once you rename the folder you will see GodMode control panel. Once you open the GodMode control panel you will see tons of task to perform. Just create a shortcut and use the shortcut whenever you need.

5) Incognito Mode

This is the trick to make your history disappear. You might not want to show your history in google or any chrome browser. In this case you should open in an incognito mode. Incognito mode can help to make your history, downloads history. It does not give addition protection as you might have thought but makes your browsing history private.

6) Fast Type

You might get bored while typing every words in the keyboard. Now there is a solution for this problem. First you need to open word typing application such as MS word or Notepad.  After that you should press windows +H key together and listening mode to will be activated and instead of typing you can speak on your microphone to type . This will save a lot of time off yours.