10 Interesting Websites That Are Very Useful And Probably You Don’t Know

10) Musclewiki.com

If you are fitness lover then this website is very useful. Musclewiki.com gives detailed exercises to make particular part of your body strong and attractive. You can select “Male” or “Female” Exercises according to your need. Then you have to select the part of the body that you want to work out. The website will provide you with various exercises to make the particular muscle of your body that you have selected. Stepwise process of the exercises will be given with the level of proficiency. You can also select the method of exercises that consist of stretches, bodyweight, barrel, dumbbells and kettle bells.


9) i2ocr.com

I2ocr.com is image to text conversion site that converts text of your image to editable documents. You can select the language to convert image to OCR. It stands for Optical Character Recognition. You can either give link of the image or upload from your drive. The last step is to click on “Extract Text”. In this 3 steps you can change the text in the image to Editable document. These texts can be copied or downloaded in .txt, .doc or PDF format. This website saves a lot of time if you are typing something from hard copy, book or document.


8) cleanpng.com

This site can be useful for school students, college students for making their presentation for projects. It can be also helpful for making office presentation. You can search your required pictures for your project that gives you transparent PNG images. You can download the image and use freely.


7) animagraffs.com

This is a cool website that gives you knowledge about how things work. In this site there is clear and diagrammatical explation of how things work. The 360 degree rotation features as well as video and text can give you clear idea of its mechanism. If you feel difficult to understand how anything works this site is very useful to get clear idea.


6) virustotal.com

If you are downloading many files from internet, your computer might get infected by virus. Not all the files you download from internet are clean. Some files might be infected, which can crash your files and crash your system. In this case virustotal.com can be effective. After downloading files from the internet, you can upload and detect virus if any. If the warning of virus infection is given in the file you have downloaded, it is recommended not to use and delete permanently from your drive.


5) flagwaver

Flagwaver is a very cool website that converts any images to hoisted flag. You can visit the website by the link, https://krikienoid.github.io/flagwaver/. Then you can select the image from website link or you can upload an image from your computer/mobile. The images will be displayed in the flag. You can get cool options for the position of flag and direction of speed. Check the site, It’s awesome.


4) Autodraw.com

This site can be useful to teach your children who wants to learn drawing. The Artificial Intelligence used in the site can convert the drawing you have done on the drawing area of the site to cool similar images. After drawing in the drawing area it gives options of the possible image you are trying to draw. You can select a possible image and you will get an attractive and perfect image.


3) justwatch.com

This website is helpful to those who are lover of film and webseries. This site will give you all the links of videos, films or web series from wehere you can download or watch. This site also provide the rating, name of the artists, name of directors, teaser link, trailer link. You can decide how entertaining is the film and watch the movie from the link or platform provided by the website.


2) pdfcandy.com

This is a website where you can do almost everything regarding PDF files. There are a lot of features related to PDF file. You can compress, merge, convert, split, edit, lock or unlock and many more to your PDF file. You can add footer. You can add your signature on your PDF file. There are so many features. Visit the link and you will know.


1) coolhunting.com

Coolhungting is a website that uncovers the latest design, technology, style, travel art and culture. If your are lover of art, architecture and culture, then this site is perfect for you. You can read amazing articles here. The the cool part is articles updates daily in this site.