How to Pass Value from Model to all the views in Laravel ? with video

It is a bit tricky to pass all the values to the view from the model in laravel.

First of all, make controllers and model is a must. I believe you have already done this

In controller:

View::composer('*', function($views){
$views->with('settings', App\Setting::all());


In Views: (according to my video)

@foreach($settings as $setting)
<a class="iconfont-wrapper" href="{{$setting->facebook}}" target="_blank">
<span class="p-2 mbr-iconfont socicon-facebook socicon"></span>
<a class="iconfont-wrapper" href="{{$setting->twitter}}" target="_blank">
<span class="p-2 mbr-iconfont socicon-twitter socicon"></span>