identify music in a YouTube video

How to identify music in a YouTube video?

Sometimes you might want to find the name of the background music used on YouTube. Right? And you want to find the link to the video or music on the web. But how is it possible? I also sometimes have the same problem. When I listen to background music and I want to get the music only, I use the following ways. Hope you might find my idea helpful.

How Do I find YouTube Music?

There are basically four methods I use. Sometimes any one of the methods works whereas sometimes I have to use all four methods.

#1. Description of the YouTube Video

Usually, YouTube content creators use the name or link of the music used in their video. You can find it in the description and search on the web. But it becomes difficult to identify music when it is not mentioned in the video description. Some creators might have stated the name of the music used in the intro or at the end of the video. You can use this method. This method sometimes works.

#2. Lyrics

Some Background music used in a YouTube video might have lyrics. Try to listen to the lyrics carefully and type in the search engine. You might get the name of the music and links to the music. This is very helpful if the lyrics of the music are available. But what if the music doesn’t have lyrics. Then you have to try other methods.

#3. Music Finder Browser Extension

AHA Music is a very effective extension for your browser which can identify the background music of a YouTube video. You just have to install it on your browser. Most of the time this plugin has given me satisfy able results.

The link of the extension is:

After installing the extension and setting it up, you have to play the YouTube Video whose background music is what you are trying to find out. Then you have to click on the extension and let the plugin listen for some time. After a few seconds, the plugin recognizes the music and gives you the link to background music.

#4. Mobile App

Nowadays everyone uses mobile. There are various mobile apps that can easily detect the background music of any YouTube video (if the music is available on the web). You just need to install the app on your mobile and let the app listen. You can play music from your laptop/desktop or any other speaker.

So, these are the methods I use to recognize background music used in a YouTube video. Hope you found this article helpful. Please let me know other methods if there are any.