Dumb as dead

Maqbool is a man known for his tales of cowardice. Maqbool was a nomad who made a living by breeding animals.  As there are so many predators and clan battles, the nomad existence is usually exceedingly harsh. Maqbool is a coward who despises all of these things. Maqbool was asleep in his modest tent house one day when his wife received word that a bunch of foes had visited their hamlet and planned to kill every member in Maqbool’s clan.

She then rushed towards her husband, who was asleep, to inform him of the dreadful news and warn him to get ready to fight. “Wake up, Maqbool,” she urged, “there is an adversary from another city who intends to attack us shortly.” “Why you constantly terrified me and told the craziest stories I ever heard?” Maqbool asked, not believing his wife’s story. “This isn’t a fairytale narrative, and it’s not anything I want to scare you with,” Maqbool’s wife said, “but it’s real, and all the neighbors are speaking about the attack, therefore you are the one who should defend our people and assets.”

Maqbool was traumatized to protect the family, and he was worried about how he could escape from this enemy. While Maqbool considered what he’d do, the attackers approached, and the villagers began to shout. He had a plan immediately, and he told his wife to lay under a mat and grieve while telling the enemies that her husband had dead. The wife did so, but Maqbool was displeased with how she was weeping, so he brushed it aside. “Please scream louder so the opponent thinks you’re crying.” Finally, the enemy arrived to Maqbool’s house and inquired about her husband’s death.

The enemy inquired as to when her husband died, but there was a major snag because Maqbool and his wife failed to decide time of his death. “Tell them he died yesterday,” Maqbool murmured from the inside of the rug before she could react. The adversary realized Maqbool was hiding inside. The enemies were taken aback by his cowardice, and they exclaimed, “What a dumb guy.”   Allow him to live as he is dumb as dead”.  Always, it’s preferable to be a strong guy who can defend his and his family’s lives than to be a coward.